Methabolism Food

1. Berries

All fruits are a good idea due to their carb and fiber content, both of which are important tools for boosting metabolism. But Earthbound Farm’s Registered Dietician, Ashley Koff, highlights the powers of berries in particular, which she says are rich in “antioxidants, like vitamin C, which helps combat damaging free radicals generated during exercise.” Berries help you heal more quickly.


Cinnamon is a fairly unanimous metabolism booster among our experts. Palinski-Wade says, “Cinnamon contains thermogenic properties, which means when you consume it, your body automatically starts to burn more calories throughout the day.” She recommends about ¼ teaspoon per day.Not only cinnamon’s role in helping the body to effectively metabolize carbohydrates, but also its role in managing cravings for sweets as keys to its success.

3.Coconut Oil

Yes, as counter-intuitive as it might seem, there are some fats that help boost your metabolism. It is high in medium chain fatty acids – which a more easily converted into energy than other kinds, so they help to boost the metabolism and are less likely to get stored as fat It is supportive of the thyroid gland too – which is essential to a healthy metabolism.You can also use it as a cooking fat. It doesn’t add a coconut flavor to dishes, so there’s no need to worry about your chicken tasting too tropical if cooked in coconut oil.


Grapefruit has long been linked to weight loss because it has been proven to lower insulin levels. Its fiber contents are also helpful in boosting metabolism, and its vitamin C content helps your body stay healthy and your immune system work the way it should, both of which are essential to boosting your metabolism.


Spinach, but also any leafy green, is a great metabolism booster. This is in part due to the high fiber content of leafy greens, according to Farley. High fiber foods like leafy greens can increase your fat burn by 30%, recommending a minimum of 3 servings per day for maximum results. That’s not the only reason you should be considering including more leafy greens in your diet. Organic dark leafy greens like spinach and kale provide iron to support healthy blood, which is key to optimal cellular metabolism energy, and calcium to support muscle performance. All the more reason to stock up on leafy greens.

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